Eve Echoes Safe Mining Guide

How to Mine Safely in Lower Security Systems

Eve Echoes started out with almost everyone mining, friendly and everything, just enjoying the Eve Universe.

A week later, some players decided to point their gun to miners. I’m not entirely sure why they’re doing it, I am most certain it’s not for the ores because you can’t just blow someone up and pick-up the spoils using your destroyer or frigate. It could be just for fun, reputation or just to boast although I don’t see what’s there to boast blowing up someone who couldn’t fire back.

After I joined a corp it all made sense; they do it for space dominance, so the corporation members or alliance can solo mine the system. The problem is, this made sense to them but not to those getting blown-up so I don’t know.

Whatever this is, solo miners have to cope with it and continue mining without getting blown up to smithereens. The tips here does not guarantee 100% safety but it will give you a very good fighting chance to escape with your ship intact and ores in your cargo hold (for me at least, these are what matters most).

Make these your SOP when mining to significantly increase you chance of survival.

Set a Destination for Auto-Pilot

  1. Go to your Inventory and select Personal Assets. This will list all stations which you have items stored.
  2. Select any from the list and tap on Jump, then set it as destination. This will enable your Auto-Pilot system and will appear on the upper-left of your screen. (Do not start auto-pilot, we just need to set a destination so we can start it with a tap of a button.)

Find the Area to Mine From

  1. Set your Overview to ‘Mining’ and warp to a mining area.
  2. Scan the area for hostile ships (if there are ships in the area aside from Industrial ones, warp to another — not worth the risk).

Start Mining

Once you found a suitable area to mine from…
  1. Lock and approach the asteroid you want to mine and fire your mining turrets.

Align to a Stargate / Station

  1. Set your Overview to Stargate/Station, find the one that has a yellow icon (this means that the Stargate is part of the path to your set destination).
  2. Select the Stargate and approach it (your ship will align to it and start moving but will not warp).
  3. Once it is facing the Stargate, stop your ship.

The reason why we are aligning our ship to the Stargate is so that when an aggressive player starts shooting in the area, we can hit auto-pilot and warp directly to it without realigning first.

Stand-by and Be on Guard

  1. Set you Overview to ‘Ship’ (this will show you all the ships in the area and the type of ship they are using)
  2. Turn-up your sound a bit so you can hear the low-shield warning if you got hit.
  3. Be ready to press the auto-pilot button if you feel the need to warp-out of the area.


  1. Use shield and armor hardeners instead of shield/armor repair modules because it has a delay before kicking in. We want to survive the first hit so we can warp out.
  2. Train skills that will increase you chance of survival. One set of skills that can increase the toughness of your ship is in the Maintenance Technology > Defense Upgrade > Industrial Ship Defense Upgrade. You can also increase your Shield/Armor hardener skills.
  3. Warp-out if another ship is locking on you. Enemy ships trying to gain a lock on you will have a flashing yellow icon on the Overview.
  4. Warp-out if another non-industrial ship is closing in on you. Maintain at least 35km distance between other non-industrial ships; they can disable your ability to warp.