Guide to Earn Money (ISKs)

This is a guide on how to earn money(ISKs) on Eve Echoes. Some will work great for you and some will not, depending on the role you are into; military, industry, manufacturing.

He who controls the gold, controls the game.

Cosmic Anomalies

Cosmic Anomalies are areas in space where enemy NPCs appear.  Each ship you destroy gives you a bounty in ISKs and occasionally drops a loot container which contains modules or manufacturing materials that you can sell or use yourself.

Cosmic anomalies come in various difficulty. A small, medium and large word in the name tells the amount of spawned enemies in the area. You will also see a number on it like Small{n}, {1-4} here indicates how tough the enemies are. So before warping to any of Cosmic Anomaly, be sure to check the difficulty.


Find a Cosmic Anomaly


  1. Go to space
  2. Set the Overview window to ‘Cosmic Anomaly’
  3. Select a Cosmic Anomaly and warp to it

Clear the Area of Enemy Ships


Ones inside the Cosmic Anomaly…

  1. Kill all enemy NPCs(non-playing characters) in the area (you will earn ISKs for each enemy you kill)


  • All players can warp to Cosmic Anomalies so be watchful when doing this on low-sec areas.
  • Bounty is given to the player who deals the final damage.
  • All loots are up for grabs so be sure to set your Overview window to ‘Loots’
  • Do not destroy anomaly base. The higher the level the base is, the better the loots.
  • Keep an eye for rare anomalies. Scouts and Inquisitors anomalies have rare loots like datacores and blueprints.


Encounters are the missions provided by different factions in the game. You can earn ISKs by completing a mission. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward.

Mission difficulty depends on the Tech level the mission requires. Some of the missions will ask you to get rid of enemies(Player vs Environment[PVE]), deliver a package somewhere(Delivery), mine and deliver an ore(Mining) and Faction related missions(Story).

You can earn a whopping 5 Million ISKs in one mission on the Advanced difficulty.


View available Encounters


  1. Open the Encounters window (tap your character pic, select Encounters)

Select an Encounter


On Encounters window…

  1. Select News
  2. Select an Encounter (you can refresh the list or change the difficulty level to Basic, Advanced and Expert)
  3. Accept an Encounter (check the reward and number of jumps)

Start the Encounter


Once you are done accepting Encounters…

  1. Tap the Journal window (it’s on the right side if you are viewing the list of Encounters)
  2. Select the Encounter you want to do first
  3. Begin the Encounter (this will enable auto-pilot, just tap confirm to continue)
  4. Do what the mission asks, you will get the reward when the mission is fulfilled


  • A Faction Story mission is unlocked once you have completed a series of mission.
  • Take advantage of the ‘refresh’ feature, it allows refresh every 30 minutes. You might get lucky and get more than one high-pay mission in the list.


Mining is the process of getting ores from Asteroids in space. This is a very effective way to earn ISKs specially if your skills are focused on it.

Any ship can mine provided that you fit a mining module/turret and you are provided by default with level 3 mining skill when you started on Eve Echoes. The efficiency of mining though is in the ship you use and the skills you have trained for it. 

A ship with lots of High slots and big ore/cargo hold is best. The ore/cargo hold determines how much you can carry before returning to the station and dumping the ores you mined. The number of turrets is a multiplier of how fast you can mine an Asteroid. 

Mining skills and its level will boost your mining yield. Your mining yield is the number of ores you get per fire of the mining turret.


Fit/Equip Mining Modules


  1. Dock to a station
  2. Buy mining turrets from the market (if you don’t have any)
  3. Open Fitting window, Fit/Equip the mining modules to the High slots of your ship

Find Ores to Mine

Once you have a ship equipped for mining…

  1. Go to space, set the Overview window to ‘Mining’
  2. Select an Asteroid Cluster and warp to it. (if you don’t see any, jump to another system)

Start Mining


Upon reaching the Asteroid Cluster…

  1. Select an Asteroid in the Overview window
  2. Lock on to it
  3. Fire-up your mining turrets (make sure you are within the Optimal Range of your mining turrets)

Sell the Ores


If you are not into Manufacturing, you can either sell the ores directly in the Market or reprocess it before selling.



Hauling is the process of delivering items for other players from one location to another.  These items are often what other players bought from the Market and wished to be delivered to them through Interstellar Trading Center. Hauling can be rewarding but requires a lot of patience and investments.

We have a lot to cover so let’s get on with it! To effectively do hauling, you need the following:

  • A lot of ISKs – accepting a Contract requires you to pay a collateral. Collateral is like an insurance for the ITC that if for whatever reason you did not deliver the package, that collateral will pay for it. The collateral is 10x the payment you will receive upon successfully delivering the package. Say you accept a package that will reward you 10,000 ISKs, you will need to pay roughly 100,000 ISKs upon accepting the Contract. After you deliver the package, your will receive both the collateral you paid and the reward.
  • A ship with huge delivery/cargo hold – Some packages specially those that pays a lot takes up space. If your ship can’t handle it, you won’t be able to accepts the Contract. Cargo/package units come in four(4) sizes: S (100m3), M (1000m3), L (10,000m3) and XL (100,000m3).


Find an Interstellar Training Center


You can only accept Delivery Requests when docked in an ITC station.

  1. Open the Market window (Tap your character profile, select Market)
  2. Tap ‘Nearby Trading Centers’
  3. Select an ITC from the list and set as Destination
  4. Click auto-pilot to go there

Get Delivery Requests

Once you are in an ITC station…

  1. Open up Deliveries window
  2. Go to ‘Request Shipping Container’
  3. Click the ‘Starting Delivery Route’ icon to point to the current ITC you are in(you will only do this once).
  4. Click the ‘Finish Delivery Route’ icon, this will list all shipping requests in the station (if there is no result, close the window and repeat from step 2).
  5. Select an item from the list and send the request. If a message appears saying something like “try changing your collateral..”, that means another player grabbed that request already. Just try again and do things faster.

Get the Package

After successfully getting a Delivery Request…

  1. Open the stations Item Hangar
  2. Select the cargo container to be delivered
  3. Move it to your ship’s Cargo/Delivery hold
  4. Click the cargo container again and click the address in the cargo details then set as destination
  5. Enable auto-pilot

Deliver the Package

Upon arriving to the destination…

  1. A pop-up window will appear, click on ‘Deliver Package’. If you missed the window, click the cargo in your Inventory and select ‘Deliver’


  • Before accepting a contract, make sure you have a ship that could transport the package otherwise you will fail to deliver and lose the collateral.
  • You can gamble to open the package and get the item if you wish. Who knows, you might lucky and get a much expensive item than the collateral.
  • Buy an ‘Imbicus’ ship. It costs around 500,000 ISKs but it has a huge Delivery hold (8,500m3).
  • Stay away from low-sec, other players can blow you up. An Imbucus is fast but fragile, it’s also a giveaway that you are into hauling stuff.
  • Try starting out on Jita IV ITC, there is a high-traffic of Delivery Requests there.


Manufacturing is the game’s crafting feature. It allows a player to create modules, ships and even structures using Blueprints.

To start manufacturing:

  1. Acquire a blueprint
    1. Buy from the market
  2. Acquire the materials
    1. You can buy all materials needed from the market or look for them yourself through Planetary and Ore mining or salvaging parts from ship wrecks or loots (depends on the materials you need).
  3. Use the Blueprint
    1. Click the Blueprint and select Use, this will run the blueprint in a factory and will tell you when the job is finished(takes some time).


Acquire a Blueprint


  1. You can get a blueprint from clearing base space anomalies or rare space anomalies like Inquisitors or Scout anomalies. If you have difficulties clearing those, you can purchase blueprints from the market.

Collect the Materials

Once you have a blueprint…

  1. Check the materials needed to manufacture. They are listed in the blueprint
  2. Get the materials through mining asteroids, planetary mining and clearing anomalies. You can also just purchase materials from the Market if you have the ISKs for it.

Start Manufacture

Once you have the blueprint, materials and ISKs to do the job…

  1. Go to the station where your blueprint and materials are located.
  2. Open the Industry window.
  3. Under Manufacture, click the plus icon and search for your blueprint.
  4. Click on the ‘Start Job’ button

Planetary Production

Planetary production or some call it remote mining is the safest way to mine. You don’t have to be anywhere near the planet you are mining. You just need to find a planet that has the raw materials that you want to mine and start mining right away.

To earn ISKs this way, you can either mine and use the materials yourself to manufacture ships and other modules that you can sell or you can just sell the materials in the market for other manufacturers to buy.


Find an Abundant Planet

You can only see planets that are within the solar system which you are currently in.

  1. Go to any system, you can do this by using Stargates in order to jump to the system next to where you are currently at.
  2. Once there, open the Planetary Production window (Tap your character profile, select Planetary Production)
  3. Select the planet you are interested to mine. If there are no planets with the material you are looking for, repeat step#1.

Deploy Mining Array

Once you selected a planet…

  1. Open Mining Settings
  2. Click the Plus(+) icon next to the material you want to mine. (Higher planetary production skill gives you more mining array)
  3. Click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Set Duration of Mining

  1. Click the Plus(+) button at the top to make the mining last for 24 hours (T)

Pickup Material

When you have mined all the materials you need…

  1. Go to the planet you are mining. You can do this by clicking the planet in the Planetary Production window and click the ‘Set as Destination’ button
  2. Once you are there, click the ‘Launch’ button in the Planet Production window
  3. Wait for the container to appear to get the materials


Visit our Planet Finder tool to find the materials you need: 

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