Car Transport: Cokaliong RoRo Ship
Cokaliong RoRo(Roll-on, Roll-off) Ship

This guide will give you a know-how to cheaply bring your car to Cebu from Manila.

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We recently transported a Toyota Fortuner 2012 from Luzon to Cebu using RoRo ships (Roll-on, Roll-off).

To make the journey, we traveled to the southern part of Luzon and boarded a RoRo ship to Masbate. From Masbate, we took another RoRo ship to Cebu.

To ensure a smooth trip, it was important to time our arrival in Masbate before the departure of the RoRo ship to Cebu City port. This particular ship only operates once a week, every Sunday at 7 pm, with an estimated travel time of 12 hours, arriving at Cebu City port the following morning at 7 am.

If you have flexibility in your schedule or are willing to arrive in the northern part of Cebu (Bogo), there is an alternative option. The porter staff at Pilar, Sorsogon port mentioned that there is a daily RoRo ship from Cataingan port in Masbate to Cebu. However, it’s important to verify this information, as I did not personally choose this option. They mentioned that M/V Cokaliong sails to Cebu on Saturdays, which turned out to be incorrect.

By Land: Drive to Pio Duran Port in southern part of Luzon

For our journey, we had two choices for the departure port in Luzon: Pilar port in Sorsogon or Pio Duran port in Albay. Pio Duran port was the closer option, approximately an hour away from Pilar.

We decided to depart from Pio Duran port because there was a suitable RoRo ship that sailed at 11 am, heading to Masbate port. This allowed us to catch the ship to Cebu on the same day at 7 pm, with the advantage of arriving directly in Cebu City.

The road leading to Pio Duran port in Albay was cemented but had some bumps and frequent truck traffic, making it challenging to maintain speeds above 80 km/h. On average, we traveled at around 60 km/h. From Imus, Cavite to Pio Duran port in Albay, the journey took us 12 hours. We encountered heavy traffic on the way due to it being a Saturday and an incident involving a truck falling off the road, which added an extra hour of delay.

When planning your own trip, it is important to consider potential incidents and allocate sufficient time. We departed from Imus, Cavite at 5 pm, giving us ample time to reach Pio Duran port without rushing and allowing for sightseeing along the way, reducing stress.

By Sea: Sail from Pio Duran Port to Masbate Port

To travel from Pio Duran port to Masbate port, it is crucial to arrive as early as possible. Santa Clara Shipping Corporation operates the RoRo ship, which can only accommodate 10 light vehicles. Once the limit is reached, no additional vehicles are accepted. It’s worth noting that their office is not located inside the port, so if no one is present to assist, there is a risk of missing the ship. Please refer to the provided location details.

To secure a ticket, visit the Santa Clara Shipping Corporation office and present the Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) for your vehicle. The cost for my Toyota Fortuner 2012, including the driver, was PHP 2,800. Additionally, there is a Terminal Ticket fee of PHP 30 and a payment of PHP 129 to the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). The ticket must be signed by the Gate Guards and Coast Guards, and you will need to present the OR and CR again during these processes.

Once all these steps are completed, proceed to the designated vehicle waiting area.

Car Transport: Pio Duran Port Map
Pio Duran Port Map

For any assistance, you can contact JR at (0981) 353-5665. He provided his contact information in case you require any help during your journey.

The M/V Santa Clara, which we boarded, typically takes around 5 hours to reach Masbate. However, in our case, the departure time was slightly delayed from the scheduled 11 am, resulting in our arrival in Masbate around 5:30-6:00 pm. This left us with only an hour to purchase tickets for the Cebu-bound RoRo ship. We had to hurry, but fortunately, we made it just in time before the loading of vehicles onto the M/V Cokaliong commenced.

For schedules, contact Santa Clara Shipping Lines on Facebook.

By Sea: Sail from Masbate Port to Cebu City Port

Once in Masbate port, it’s important to note that you should not exit the port immediately. When your vehicle is offloaded from the ship, inform the guard that you intend to board the M/V Cokaliong for the 7 pm trip to Cebu City. They will direct you to the vehicle waiting area (refer to the provided location details). Leave your vehicle in the waiting area and purchase a ticket from Cokaliong Shipping Lines. Remember to bring your OR and CR for the ticketing process. The Cokaliong office is located outside the port area and may require some inquiry to locate. At the time of writing, it is a small yellow store along the roadside (see location details).

Once you have purchased the ticket, the salesperson will request you to obtain a Terminal Ticket, which costs PHP 30. After acquiring the Terminal Ticket, return to the salesperson to pay for the tickets for both your vehicle and passengers. In my case, I paid PHP 7,070.00 for myself and my Toyota Fortuner 2012.

Upon completion of the ticketing process, you will need to get the Coast Guard’s signature. Present your OR and CR once again for this step.

For schedules, check the Cokaliong Shipping Lines website.

Car Transport: Masbate Port Map
Masbate Port Map

Now, you are all set to embark on the journey. Approach the staff near the Cokaliong ship and inquire about parking your car for loading to ensure you don’t miss the departure. They will notify you once the ship is ready, and you might spot a guard on a motorcycle approaching your car to inform you.

Wishing you happy travels on your journey from Luzon to Cebu!

Bring Car to Cebu from Manila Summary

  1. From Pio Duran port to Masbate port:
    • Ticket cost from Santa Clara Shipping Corporation: PHP 2,800.00 (for the vehicle, including the driver)
    • Terminal Ticket fee: PHP 30.00
    • Payment to Philippine Ports Authority (PPA): PHP 129.00
  2. From Masbate port to Cebu City port:
    • Ticket cost from Cokaliong Shipping Lines: PHP 7,070.00 (for the vehicle and passengers)
    • Terminal Ticket fee: PHP 30.00

All in all it took me PHP 10,059 give or take to transport my car from Manila to Cebu. Took me 12 hours of driving and 17 hours on-board a RoRo Ship.

Please note that these fees are based on the information provided in the passage and may be subject to change. It’s always a good idea to double-check the fees with the respective shipping companies before your journey to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

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    1. Hi! There are 3 shipping lines traveling between Masbate and Cebu; Trans-Asia, Cokaliong and Kho. Cokaliong I believe ships on Saturday from Cebu to Masbate then heads back to Cebu on Sunday. Trans-asia ships Wednesday from Cebu to Masbate and returns the following day. I have not tried Kho shipping.

      To be sure, check out there site and call them:,
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