Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quest – Archosaur City has five(5) hidden quests.

Hidden quests are fun! We strongly recommend just getting the NPC location here and do the quest without a guide. If you get stuck with no auto-pathfinding, you can always come back here for help.

Archosaur City

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Map: Archosaur City - Drunk Soldier
NPC: Archosaur City - Drunk Soldier
NPC: Archosaur City - Trey

After talking to General Zephyr he will ask you to find NPC Trey (no path-finding). To find Trey face General Zephyr, move back a bit then turn to your right. I’m not sure if it’s always Trey but so far it’s always been him to look for.

NPC: Archosaur City - Trey Hiding

After talking to Trey, he will then ask you to meet him in secret. Face General Zephyr again and this time turn to your left to find Trey under the big tree.

Answer to questions:

  • “Only the flowing stream remains and I, all alone.”

First Encounter with the "Detective"

MAP: Archosaur City - Sharov
NPC: Archosaur City - Sharov

You will be asked to investigate a crime scene, path-finding will be off so just walk to the crime scene near Bolt Celenza and tap investigate.

Answer to questions:

  • The hilt might have been used as an arrow by an Archer to kill the victim…
  • The coins were already there in the first place…
  • The murderer must be an Archer. He took off the hilt of the Sword and fired it like an arrow…

Next, open your Bag -> Crucible and combine the 2 new items you got from the quest ( a sword and a coin ). You will get a book entitled “Case Conclusion”.


MAP: Archosaur City - Meditator
NPC: Archosaur City - Meditator
MAP: Archosaur City - Buddahs

Warning Light – light the Warning Lights on top of the four buddhas, auto-pathfinding will be off so fly there manually. The warning lights will light as you go near it but you need to light them in the right order; SouthEast -> SouthWest -> NorthWest -> NorthEast.

Underwater Treasure

MAP: Archosaur City - Strange Chest
NPC: Archosaur City - Strange Chest
MAP: Archosaur City - Treasure Tool

Treasure Hunt Tool: Find Blacksmith “Jetson” and a rack of weapons.

Answer to questions:
  • Poke something sharp into the lock and then whack on the rear on the sharp tool with a hammer.

Sudden Occurence

MAP: Archosaur City - Anxious Girl
NPC: Archosaur City - Anxious Girl
No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Fragrance Wine

MAP: Archosaur City - Fragrance of Wine
NPC: Archosaur City - Fragrance of Wine
Follow the Smell: No autopath available here. Find and follow the white mist trail and it will bring you to the NPC Cahar.
NPC: Archosaur City - Cahar
Live and Learn: Follow and Read his instructions on what type of Glass he is using for you to know what Wine you will pour for him until he is satisfied.
Just Remember:
  • Wine – Night Glow Glass
  • Pear Wine – Jade Glass
  • Sorghum – Copper / Bronze Goblet
  • Champions Wine – Ceramic Cup

Sir Zhuge

MAP: Archosaur City -Sir Zhuge
NPC: Archosaur City - Sir Zhuge
MAP: Archosaur City - Lamp
Auto-pathfinding is on all the way and the answer for Star Position are Alioth, Phecda, and Dubhe.

For those who prefer to watch how hidden quests are done, here are some videos: