Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quest – City of Plume has six(6) hidden quest.

Hidden quests are fun! We strongly recommend just getting the NPC location here and do the quest without a guide. If you get stuck with no auto-pathfinding, you can always come back here for help.

City of Plume

Euphoria's Visit

Map: Plume City - Ivan
NPC: Plume City - Ivan
NPC: Plume City - Euphoria

Euphoria’s Visit: Auto-pathfinding will be disabled. You will find NPC Euphoria in this location. She only comes out at daytime starting 3am.

Collect Mushrooms – You will be asked to collect 30 mushrooms in a limited time. Facing the fountain, start collecting from the left to easily get 30.

Love at First Sight

Map: Plume City - Guide
NPC: Plume City - Guide

Majority Rules – Send a message in the World chat “Why does the Winged Elf Guide have three boyfriends?”. You need to type it exactly like that.

The Real Fox Spirit – If you are ranged the trick is to attack from afar, where the foxes don’t see you because they will heal if they see you. If you are a close combat fighter like me, attack with full force. One of them is soft and the heal has cooldown. Find the weakest, set the target to it and click auto-combat. You will eventually defeat it. I was able to even though I’m a tank. Make sure you have auto-healing potion equipped they can kill you.

Get Fancy

Map: City of Plume - Small
Monster: Flaming Falcon
NPC: Swallowtail

Get Fabulous – Wait for 15 minutes before going back to NPC Swallowtail to get your reward.

King of the Dancefloor

Map: City of Plume
NPC: Winged Elf

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.


No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Goddess Fountain

Map: Plume City - Tony
NPC: Plume City - Tony

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Bag of Blessings

MAP: City Of Plume - Blessings
NPC: City of Plume - Maitreya
Map: City of Plume Course
Concentration Test: You will be rooted and your HP will constantly go down, you must stay alive for 30 seconds.

Bag of Blessings: You need to get to the marked point on the map you are on while your HP takes damage overtime.

Wandering Poet Sage

MAP: City of Plume - Poet Sage
NPC: City of Plume- Li Po
Prose and Poetry: Just complete the poem.
  • Bravely I set sail, in the storm I shall glide.

For those who prefer to watch how hidden quests are done, here are some videos: