Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quest – Celestial Vale has four(4) hidden quest.

Hidden quests are fun! We strongly recommend just getting the NPC location here and do the quest without a guide. If you get stuck with no auto-pathfinding, you can always come back here for help.

Celestial Vale

Starchaser I

MAP: Celestial Vale - Starstruck Elf
NPC: Celestial Vale - Starstruck Elf

Starchaser I-IV – auto-pathfinding will be off once you get to the location. Stay where you are and wait for the star to pass near you. When it does, tap the auto-pathfinding repeatedly to speak to it. Do not chase it.

Letter from Florence

MAP: Celestial Vale - Drunk Monkey
MONSTER: Celestial Vale - Drunk Monkey

Fake and Real: Just click all the illusions till you find the right one.

Vicious Brute

MAP: Celestial Vale - Drunk Monkey
MONSTER: Celestial Vale - Drunk Monkey

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Where's Tommy

MAP: Celestial Vale - Lady Jia
NPC: Celestial Vale - Lady Jia

Where’s Tommy – Auto-pathfinding will be off. Find NPC Tommy in the location below.

MAP: Celestial Vale - Tommy
NPC: Celestial Vale - Tommy

Simon Says I-V – Perform a series of Action: Sad, Happy, Clap, Meditate, Dance.

Treasure Trace

MAP: Celestial Vale - Treasure Trace
NPC: Celestial Vale - Lola
MAP: Celestial Vale - Heaven's Palace
MAP: Celestial Vale Platforms
  • Heaven’s Palace-I – Get near the pink tree.
  • Heaven’s Palace-II – Stand at Heaven Palace Terrace.
  • Heaven’s Palace-III – Get near the Scarlet Eye.
  • Enter the Array – Jump on the platforms that have a blue aura on them and just follow the path to the treasure.
  • Enter the Array – Just answer the right choice.
  • Array Escape – Just go back to the beginning where Lola is then auto-path all the way.

For those who prefer to watch how hidden quests are done, here are some videos: