Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quest – Dreamweaver Port has four(4) hidden quests.

Hidden quests are fun! We strongly recommend just getting the NPC location here and do the quest without a guide. If you get stuck with no auto-pathfinding, you can always come back here for help.

Dreamweaver Port

Source of All Evil

MAP: Dreamweaver Port - Water Carrier
NPC: Dreamweaver Port - Water Carrier

The Water Carrier NPC only shows up between 5am – 7am so you will have to wait in that exact location. You can check the current time by clicking the icon on the bottom-left of your minimap.

At one point you will fight NPC Uncle Jin, intentionally lose to him to finish that quest.


MAP: Dreamweaver Port - Wraith Seeds
MAP: Dreamweaver Port - Wraith Seeds Location

Sigh of the Statues

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Achilles' Hell

MAP: Dreamweaver Port - Old Guntur
NPC: Dreamweaver Port - Old Guntur

Go to the location mentioned here. Ascend as high as y418 so lightning can’t hit you. You can see your altitude if you open your map, it’s on top right. Once you get there, open the NPC list and look for Old Guntur. After clicking Old Guntur in the list, you will fly automatically to him. As soon as the Map closes engage your flight-speed boost to dash to him and tap rapidly to finish the dialog and accept the quest.

* Flight-speed boost is the wing icon on the bottom right of your screen. It allows you to fly super fast for a very short time.

If you are not able to finish the dialog and died you can click on revive on the spot and continue going to Old Guntur. If you are able to finish the dialog then re-spawn on reviving spot.

For those who prefer to watch how hidden quests are done, here are some videos: