Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quest – Etherblade has five(5) hidden quests.

Hidden quests are fun! We strongly recommend just getting the NPC location here and do the quest without a guide. If you get stuck with no auto-pathfinding, you can always come back here for help.


The Case of the Lost Rabbit I

MAP: Etherblade - Old Wayne
NPC: Etherblade - Old Wayne
QUEST: Etherblade - Lost Rabbit

There is a part in the quest where path-finding is off. You will be tasked to investigate 2 scenes, just go near these areas and tap “Investigate”.

Answer to questions:

  • The thief has a prosthetic left leg.
  • The criminal must really love his alcohol.

Mysterious "Demigod" Liu

MAP: Etherblade - Demigod Liu
NPC: Etherblade - Demigod Liu
MAP: Etherblade - Towering Tree

After talking to Demigod Liu, he will give you some hint to your next destination (no auto-pathfinding). The location is marked on the image above this text, wait for it to load if you don’t see it. The location is [ x191, y308, z112 ], in case it doesn’t load.

Path to Expert Gardener

MAP: Etherblade - Expert Gardener

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Strange Beggar

MAP: Etherblade - Strange Beggar
NPC: Etherblade - Strange Beggar
QUEST: Etherblade - Soaring

Soaring – Auto-pathfinding will be off. Just fly to the top of the big sword.

Etherblade's Shield

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Drunk Lunatic

MAP: Etherblade - Drunk Lunatic
NPC: Etherblade - Laurent
NPC: Etherblade - Beer
Drink to Forget: “The world is one. Your house is my house. Your Outfit is my outfit. So why shouldn’t I be in your pants?”
Companions: “You did well! The government is corrupt. You don’t want to become one of them!”
Drinking Battle: Just walkthrough where the wine jars will spawn to smash them.

Lost Sword

MAP: Etherblade -Lost Sword
NPC: Etherblade - Lost Sword

No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way.

Playing Kid

MAP: Etherblade - Playing Kid
NPC: Etherblade - Playing Kid
NPC: Etherblade - Drunk Fighter
Old Flame: Just fly up after you finish the “Over the Gate” quest and find the tallest mountain and find the NPC Drunk fighter.
Heavenfall Sword Array: Attack the colored Sword base on what the NPC dictates.

For those who prefer to watch how hidden quests are done, here are some videos: